3 Ways to Measure Effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising Campaign

how to measure effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaign

After a throughout planning for your outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign with the location, traffic, demographic and related data gathered, you and your team have finally executed the campaign. It is running smooth out there, looks great and now what? 

It is time to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


In this article, we will highlight 3 ways to measure the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign

1. Monitor ROI

effectiveness of outdoor campaign

A simple way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign is through monitoring your return on investment (ROI). You will have to compare the record of your sales before and after running the outdoor campaign. If there is any exceptional or significant increase in sales, it is likely to be the result of your campaign. However, the key is to keep other marketing efforts the same to get an accurate record of ROI coming from the campaign. 

2. Track engagement 

effectiveness of OOH campaign

The audience will only engage with your ad if they are interested. Therefore, when there is an engagement, it indicates that the ad you put out there is working. There are many ways to encourage engagement from the audience with a well-designed outdoor campaign. For instance, include a QR code, contact number, link, or promo codes that are specially made for the campaign on your ad. This way you will be able to track the leads when people engage with them. These are called the ‘call-to-action'. A call-to-action is the best way to tell the audience what to do next should they be interested in what your brand can offer. If the campaign is effective, you will notice your audience engage with the call-to-action tools. 

Another way to track engagement is to create a hashtag or campaign slogan for the ad. By providing hashtags, you will be able to see how people are using them on social media. Similarly, you can also look at how many times the keyword of your campaign slogan is entered into search engines with an analytics tool. In the end, these will aid you in measuring the effectiveness of your outdoor campaign. 

Here’s an example:

effective billboard

Photo courtesy of EAG Advertising & Marketing

This billboard ad by SipVine has included its business website (call-to-action) and a catchy tagline. These two important tools are sufficient for the company to track audience engagement and identify the efficiency of the outdoor campaign.

3. Collecting Survey

measure outdoor campaign

The easiest way to see if your outdoor ads work is through asking your customers. It is a method widely used by many different businesses to collect meaningful feedback from customers. This can be done through including a question in the survey that asks customers where did they learned about your brand. Compile the results and you will find out the effectiveness of your outdoor campaign.


There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign. It is important to measure this to understand if the campaign can really impact your audience and influence them to do something. However, the measurement is not to determine outdoor advertising in overall.  

If you ask “is outdoor advertising effective?”, advertisers and media specialists would definitely say yes. This is because choosing a strategic location, targeting the right audience, creating a relevant ad, and utilizing a fitting outdoor medium will ensure the effectiveness of the campaign. If you don’t see a desirable outcome from your outdoor campaign, these may be the factors affecting it. Identify the key factors and enhance your strategy accordingly will ensure the effectiveness of your next outdoor campaign.

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