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Hari Raya Aidilfitri: A Great Time To Showcase Your Product On Billboard!

01/03/2023 by Serene Ng

Reasons to do billboard advertising during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Firstboard Web Performance Report: 2022 First-Half Trends for Firstboard Malaysia

03/08/2022 by Phoebe

Continuing from last year’s report, here’s the overview of Firstboard’s 2022 online user data and what it means for your OOH media expectations this year.

Malaysia OOH Advertising 2021 Trends Revealed via Firstboard Web Performance Report

03/03/2022 by Florence Siaw

An overview of the Firstboard Web Performance in 2021.

Billboard Advertising, The Pros and Cons Of Going Outdoor

02/12/2021 by Aishah Rasid

11 pros and cons of billboard outdoor advertising.

Strategies for a Successful DOOH

07/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A guide on how to do your Digital OOH.

Why DOOH Should Be Your Choice

06/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

An introduction to DOOH and its benefits.

3 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Campaign

01/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

Things to consider while planning for a successful outdoor ad campaign.

Why OOH is Important For Your Campaign

30/09/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A discussion on the importance of including outdoor advertising in every campaign.

Seasonal Marketing: 4 Things To Do in Festive and Sale Season

27/09/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A short guide to seasonal marketing to boost your sale.