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3 Reasons Why Mixed Method Advertising is Good for Your Campaign

06/09/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A brief discussion of the benefit of mixed method advertising.

Getting the Best Out of Your Outdoor Advertising: 6 Best Practices

03/09/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A guide to 6 best practices for outdoor advertising.

Creative Elevator Advertising Ideas

01/09/2021 by Florence Siaw

An introduction to some creative elevator advertising ideas.

Interactive OOH Campaign

30/08/2021 by Aishah Rasid

Unique examples of interactive OOH campaign.

Creative Informative Advertisement in Outdoor Media

27/08/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A list of creative informative advertising found in outdoor media.

Augmented Reality in Outdoor Advertising

26/08/2021 by Florence Siaw

An introduction to augmented reality in outdoor advertising.

Unique Reminder Advertising in Outdoor Media

25/08/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A list of unique reminder advertising in out-of-home media.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Airport Advertising

24/08/2021 by Florence Siaw

A discussion on the top 5 reasons to use airport advertising.

3 Common Pattern of Advertising Schedule

23/08/2021 by Aishah Rasid

An introduction to the common patterns of advertising schedule.