Unattractive Outdoor Ads: How to Fix It?

After repeated exposure to the same billboard ad, people tend to progressively stop responding to them, which almost always happens with unattractive OOH media.

When it comes to outdoor ads, people usually think of a big static billboard. But, it is actually beyond the boring stereotype. As the technology evolves, the OOH media scene is also evolving when new technology is integrated with the outdoor advertising scene. For example, from 3D to AR technology, many attractive billboards with these technologies are seen everywhere around the world. 

But advertisers can’t avoid the challenges with the outdoor advertising scene where sometimes their ads just don’t hit the right spot because it is;

  • Unattractive looking
  • Not engaging
  • Has no specific target group
  • Unsuitable location

Here’s 4 tips on how you can make your outdoor ad look more attractive.

1.Attract attention to drive engagement

Image via Grassroots Advertising

  • Make it eye-catching to attract attentionEnsure the design and format is readable, with the right choices of fonts, images and color contrast.
  • Get to the point‘Less is more’. Keep it simple with your outdoor ads by aiming for a strong visual and creating the right copywriting.
  • One point of contactEnsure that your contact information is easily accessible through your website; because phone numbers are hard to memorize. By giving the info of your website, people can easily search you through your brand’s name.

2. Drives impact with mixed-method advertising

Image via Moving Walls

Integrating your OOH campaign with online advertising through the mixed-method advertising has proven to drive higher impact to your advertising campaign. Read more about the benefits of mixed method advertising.

3. Know your audience

Image via Point Visible

Understanding consumers behavior is important for the reason that you get to improve your product/services by providing to their wants and needs other than you get to personalize your ads to make your consumers feel closer and relatable to you. Read more on the reason why understanding consumers’ behavior is important for your brand.

4. Choose the right location

Image via Viator

Choosing the right location for your ads might be tricky because you can’t simply put your ads somewhere far from the public masses and you also have to consider putting your ads closer to your products/services for it to be easily accessible to your audience and potential customer. Here’s some tips for you to choose an ideal billboard location for your ads.


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