How to Choose an Ideal Billboard Location

billboard location

Billboard advertising or Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising is an effective way for advertisers to reach and connect with an audience. Several factors can affect the success of billboard advertising and location is one of them. While it may seem easy to decide on where to place an ad, there are more to consider to ensure its effectiveness. Therefore, studying the surrounding of various sites and understanding the location data of your business are both essential before deciding where to place your ads. 

An ideal billboard location is measurable with these important location factors:


billboard visibility

Make this a priority in choosing your location because the audience has to see it first to make the advertising work. Look out for sites that are blocked by any obstacles like trees branches or signs. The perfect site is one that is placed facing the traffic, at a readable height and obstacle-free. 

Audience demographics

billboard audience demographic

Identify your target audience. With a target audience in mind, you will have a better picture of where you want to place your ads. It is necessary to analyze your audience according to their age, gender, occupation, average income and more because this valuable information will help you to identify where are there. For example, if you are aiming to advertise sports attire to young adults, somewhere near the gym or the sports stadium may be a wise option to place your billboard. Securing a place according to your target audience optimizes the reach of your brand message. 


billboard proximity

Proximity to your place of business does matter unless your business is providing services or selling products nationwide. If your business is only serving people in a specific town, it would not be sensible to place your billboard a hundred kilometers away. Study the traffic of the town near to your business location and take advantage of the local billboard to increase brand recognition. 

Traffic count 

billboard traffic count

Billboards placed at places with higher traffic count will have a higher reach of audience. Obtaining the statistic is not easy but you will need it to optimize your campaign reach. The good news is: the traffic count is transparent when you browse for sites at Firstboard.


billboard competition

According to a study from OMD Malaysia in partnership with AIMs Research, there is a higher recall for ads placed fewer than 3 billboards together in view – Marketing Interactive. This reflects that it may be easier for the audience to remember your brand with less competition around you. Therefore, you may want to choose a site with less clutter to attract eyeballs. 

It is critical to analyze everything you have to know about your site location before finalizing your decision. Thus, you need to take time and effort to ensure that the location chosen will give your ad the most impact.

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