4 Types of OOH Media for Your Outdoor Campaign

The larger-than-life size of OOH media is always the reason why it is the brand's favourite for building long-term brand credibility.

It is no surprise that OOH media has always been stereotyped as billboard; in static or digital form. However, out-of-home media is actually beyond just big billboards. These are the 4 common types of OOH media that you can choose for your outdoor advertising campaign.

1. Billboard Advertising

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From the typical OOH media that started with a merely static billboard, current billboard can be found in a different format from what used to be typical. The evolving digital billboard has given this OOH media a new face and reputation. For example, augmented reality or A.R billboard that can be seen displaying what looks like real images has a higher potential to grab public attention and interest, making it an impactful advertising media display.

2. Transit Advertising

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The advertisements that are wrapped or placed on a vehicle are called transit advertising or also known as moving billboards. It can be placed on both the interior and exterior of  buses, taxis, trains, e-hailing and private vehicles. Sometimes it can also be found in transit hubs or stations. The placement often offers high visibility and prolonged exposure because it always travels along with the commuters.

3. Place-Based Advertising

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Often placed in relevant locations that suit target consumers’ behavior, placed based advertising is the brand's choice for when they aim to expose brand messages within the vicinity. This type of OOH media are often seen in shopping malls where ads are placed in points of purchase spots by a brand from the same area. This will reach captive audiences and encourage conversion from interest to purchasing.

4. Ambient Advertising

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Unlike billboard or transit ads that have dedicated spots, ambient advertisements are often found at places you wouldn’t expect to have advertisements. With the combination of impactful copywriting and good creativity, this type of OOH media often has a shocking factor that is able to catch the eyeballs of passersby.

Outdoor advertising offers a huge range of possibilities for you to advertise your ads creatively. Be it static or in digital form, the most important feature for you to ensure an impactful ads is to make it creative and engaging because engagements have proven to raise higher brand awareness and brand recall for your brand. 


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