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What are the Pros and Cons of Mobile Billboard Advertising?

27/11/2023 by A. Durga Devi

Mobile billboard advertising offers dynamic visibility and targeting but comes with high costs and limited audience engagement. Pros include flexibility and broad reach, while cons involve potential distraction and environmental concerns. Balancing impact

Billboards and Heavy Traffic Flow: Connection Between Malaysia's Advertising Landscape and Rising Traffic Flows in 2023

23/11/2023 by A. Durga Devi

Have you ever wonder how billboards and heavy traffic are connected? Then you should check out how balanced visually appealing billboards are related with the increasing demands of heavy traffic

The Power Of Experiential Marketing In Shaping Customer Connections

22/11/2023 by Thurgahshiny Gunasegaran

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool in shaping customer connections. Check out the advantages experiential marketing can bring to your out-of-home marketing campaign!

All About 3D Anamorphic LED Advertisement

20/11/2023 by Arrisa Zaini

Learn all about 3D anamorphic LED billboards, their pros and cons and their visually stunning and immersive displays.

OOH Ads That Spark Debate: A Closer Look at Controversial Advertisements

17/11/2023 by A. Durga Devi

Witness the bold strokes of creativity as advertisers push the limits, exploring the fine line between innovation and controversy. From thought-provoking messages that spark heated debates to visually arresting displays that captivate attention, these OOH

Guerilla Marketing: Level-Up Your Out-Of-Home Ad With Gamification In Malaysia!

16/11/2023 by Thurgahshiny Gunasegaran

Infusion of gamification into guerilla marketing technique has been the latest trend in Out-Of-Home Advertising. Here's how gamification can level up your OOH ad campaign in Malaysia!

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Billboards To Increase in Malaysia

10/11/2023 by A. Durga Devi

In recent years, the cost of billboards in Malaysia has been on the rise which was influenced by multiple factors that have transformed the advertising landscape in our country.

Execute A Captivating OOH Ad With 3D Anamorphic LED Billboards In Malaysia

09/11/2023 by Thurgahshiny Gunasegaran

Check out the key elements to prioritize in creating a compelling ad using a 3D Anamorphic Billboard for your OOH ad campaign!

How Effective Is QR Code on Billboard Advertisement?

08/11/2023 by A. Durga Devi

Are you wondering whether incorporate QR Code in billboard advertisements for your business? Check out what is QR Code and its effectiveness as well as the potential drawbacks.