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A Beginner’s Guide To Designing An Effective Billboard

08/11/2023 by Arrisa Zaini

Are you new here? Fret not! Let's start slow. Here are 3 key ideas that makes an effective billboard for you to consider before designing one.

Pop-Up Marketing: What You Need To Know!

27/10/2023 by Thurgahshiny Gunasegaran

If you are wondering which marketing strategy to use, then pop-up store marketing is the right fit for your brand! Check out what is pop-up store marketing.

Color Psychology: Choose The Right Colours For Your Billboard

16/10/2023 by Sufiahtul Nisa

Discover the best colors to use on your billboard to capture your target audience's attention and deliver your message by understanding color psychology.

Consider These 15 Factors Before Going For Billboard Advertising Campaign

21/09/2023 by Filzah Hasha

Crucial Considerations: 15 Factors to Ponder Prior to Embarking on a Billboard Advertising Campaign.

Highway Billboard Advertising in Malaysia 2023: Costs, Effectiveness, and Ownership

16/08/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

Discover the impact of Highway Billboard Advertising in Malaysia 2023. From costs to effectiveness and ownership, Firstboard unveils the power of engaging outdoor marketing.

Is Billboard Advertising Still Effective In Malaysia (2023)?

04/07/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

Billboard advertising has been around for centuries, and it's still one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience with a memorable message.

5 Types of Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) in Malaysia 2023

06/06/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

Uncover the unique specialties of each DOOH in Malaysia from digital billboards, interactive kiosks, and more!

Malaysia's Top 5 Popular Outdoor Media in 2023

05/05/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

From Overhead Bridge billboards to LED billboards, we'll rank and explore each billboards based on their popularities.

Demands on Malaysian Billboards and OOH Trends: Based on Firstboard's Web Performance Report in Malaysia 2023

23/03/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

Discover Firstboard's Web Performance Report Q1-2022 to Q1-2023. The data reveals a 65% increase in users, with Selangor continuing to lead the way. Learn about the most popular media types and user categories in this insightful analysis.