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Malaysia's Top 5 Popular Outdoor Media in 2023

05/05/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

From Overhead Bridge billboards to LED billboards, we'll rank and explore each billboards based on their popularities.

Demands on Malaysian Billboards and OOH Trends: Based on Firstboard's Web Performance Report in Malaysia 2023

23/03/2023 by Yeo Gib Son

Discover Firstboard's Web Performance Report Q1-2022 to Q1-2023. The data reveals a 65% increase in users, with Selangor continuing to lead the way. Learn about the most popular media types and user categories in this insightful analysis.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri: A Great Time To Showcase Your Product On Billboard!

01/03/2023 by Serene Ng

Reasons to do billboard advertising during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Malaysia OOH Advertising 2021 Trends Revealed via Firstboard Web Performance Report

03/03/2022 by Florence Siaw

An overview of the Firstboard Web Performance in 2021.

Billboard Advertising, The Pros and Cons Of Going Outdoor

02/12/2021 by Aishah Rasid

11 pros and cons of billboard outdoor advertising.

Strategies for a Successful DOOH

07/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A guide on how to do your Digital OOH.

Why DOOH Should Be Your Choice

06/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

An introduction to DOOH and its benefits.

3 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Campaign

01/10/2021 by Aishah Rasid

Things to consider while planning for a successful outdoor ad campaign.

Why OOH is Important For Your Campaign

30/09/2021 by Aishah Rasid

A discussion on the importance of including outdoor advertising in every campaign.