Malaysia OOH Advertising 2021 Trends Revealed via Firstboard Web Performance Report

Firstboard 2021 user trends

The outlook of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising in Malaysia for 2022 is good with the relaxed travel restriction of the country. Maaresh Starling, president of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia (OAAM) said that the relaxation would encourage more traffic on the roads thus, more OOH campaigns would be deployed. Evidently in the Firstboard 2021 web performance report, OOH demand in Malaysia is gradually picking up since the Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted. Here’s an overview of the online user data of Firstboard in 2021 for your media planning reference. 

Firstboard 2021 Web Performance Report

1. User trend

2021 Firstboard billboard leads

2021 started with a rise in sales lead but dropped when the nationwide lockdown was reimplemented in May. The decrease in traffic directly impacts the demand for OOH media. According to the data shown, there were fewer advertisers during the lockdown persisting from May to July. After the lockdown, the recovery is gearing up from August and closed 2021 on a peak. Overall, over 800 users requested media information via the Firstboard website.

In 2022, many media experts expect the OOH market demand to mount.

2. OOH Web Users

ooh advertisers in Malaysia

60% of the users on Firstboard is direct business, consisting of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to corporates.  These businesses are in a high growth stage and the data shows that they are keen to experiment with outdoor advertising. Another 23% from the chart is agencies who are searching for sites while researchers occupy 13%. 

3. Location Demand

ooh hot location Malaysia

Sites in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur seeks the most attention with 38% and 25% respectively. Sabah comes next with 8% followed by Johor and Penang with 7% and 5% respectively. Besides that, the demand for OOH media in Pahang and Kedah is reported to be increasing recently.  

4. Media Type

outdoor advertising media Malaysia

Meanwhile, static billboard remains the type of media that has the highest download rate (Free Standing 23% and Unipole 27%). The LED screen comes next with 20%.

Bright outlook for 2022

In overall, the OOH market in Malaysia is positive in the second half of 2021. The endemic phase is slowly bringing the traffic back and the recovery of the economy is expected to revitalise the OOH market in Malaysia. 2022 would be a great year for businesses especially SMEs to invest in OOH as media owners are providing reasonable offers during this recovery phase. 

Firstboard: A data-driven media specialist

Firstboard is an OOH media planner and solution provider established in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when many businesses strive for sustainability due to the decline of the economy, Firstboard aims to empower businesses with seamless OOH advertising solutions for exponential exposures. Since its website launched in January 2021, the company has been generating effective media plans for advertisers utilizing data and insights from media experts. 

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