Out of Home (OOH) vs Online Media: How Are They Different?

While out-of-home advertising is known for a good brand exposure, online advertising has become crucial in this era of pandemic. However, even though many brands can be seen shifting their advertising campaign into the digital scene, OOH media is still very relevant as it continues to evolve through the years with the use of new technology. Comparing these 2 scenes of advertising, here’s how different they are in terms of exposure, data collection, and effectiveness.


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With online advertising, you get to choose a specific demographic of your intended audience. But does this mean they will surely see it? The challenge with online ads is that your ad can be annoying and intrusive to your audience. They can skip through your ad or even worse, use ad blocker to ensure a smooth digital experience for themselves. Thus, it is still difficult to tell whether your ad is being displayed to the right audiences.

Unlike online ads, OOH media that is often placed in crowded areas is usually big and attractive; there is no way to skip through the big billboard. This allows a strong brand presence with a non-intrusive experience.

Data Collection

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The success of an advertising campaign is usually measured by their reach and influence. In this case, collecting the performance of your online ad is relatively easier for the reason that you can get complete and specific data right after a campaign is finished. This is because each of your digital audiences can be tracked using their digital footprint.

Contrarily, OOH media has no set evaluation standards. However, here’s how you can measure the effectiveness of your outdoor campaign.


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It is non arguable that online media is crucial in the advertising scene nowadays. However, brands should not be relying solely on one type of media advertising because as mentioned, focusing too much on online ads might be intrusive for your audience which will further decrease the effectiveness of your campaign.

Delegating your advertising campaign with OOH and online media might be just what you need. Research has shown a promising result that combining these two can increase audience’s reach by up to 300%.

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