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Firstboard is an online platform for buying and selling outdoor digital & static advertising in Malaysia. Firstboard provides convenient outdoor media solution.


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Leverage the power of OOH advertising with ease. Our platform grants access to thousands of media sites nationwide, empowering you to reach any audience. Firstboard's experienced media specialists provide dedicated support, ensuring your campaigns run smoothly and effectively. Contact us today to explore your unique OOH solution!

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Empower clients with our "client first" principle and guide them throughout the whole collaborative journey backed by attractive deals to establish a trusted and powerful identity. 

Augment your marketing strategy through OOH to foster monumental impressions among vast audience with static billboards, digital billboards, indoor media, and mobile ads. 

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Billboard Cost Based On Malaysian States In 2024

26/06/2024 by Arrisa Sufia

Struggling to find out the estimated cost of billboards in your state? This article will reveal the estimated monthly cost for each Malaysian state.

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OOH Demands And Trends In Malaysia Over The Years (2020-2024)

24/06/2024 by Arrisa Sufia

OOH Malaysia has been always been a stable growth throughout the years. With COVID-19 hitting it hard, Firstboard's research shows that the OOH might be coming back to life in a new way.

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How To Advertise In Malaysia: A Guide For International Advertisers

21/06/2024 by Arrisa Sufia

Malaysia offers a pool of opportunities, but advertising OOH here can be more complex than it seems for international brands. Let's clear up how to navigate advertising in Malaysia.

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Is Transit Advertising in Malaysia Effective for Branding?

05/06/2024 by Yeo Gib Son

Explore how transit advertising are revolutionizing Malaysia’s marketing strategies with cost-effective, high-visibility campaigns. Read now to know how transit advertising can be a game-changer for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstboard provides an extensive range of out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions, from traditional billboards besides transit advertising, to cutting-edge digital signage along with experiential activations, you name it. We can tailor an OOH campaign that meets your specific goals and target audiences.


Our services are nationwide, this entails all major cities and regions in Malaysia. Therefore, our massive network ensures that you reach your desired audience wherever they are.


Our team of experts handles every step of your campaign, from initial concept development and strategic planning to granting acquisition, creative design consulting as well as campaign execution. If OOH advertising is foreign to you, worry not! Our specialists provide comprehensive guidance that will best define your campaign objectives.


We utilise various metrics as the measurement analyses the impression of your campaign. It involves the sales along with restock performances post-campaign, webpage traffic, and app downloads (if applicable). This enables us to execute closely with you on the accomplishments, thus for us to deliver precise results that establish the success of your campaign.


OOH advertising offers numerous benefits, including:

Mass reach: Reach a desirable and diverse audience across multiple locations.

Major impact: Create eventful brand experiences through monumental visuals.

Targeted placements: Connect to potential audiences in specific demographics & geographic locales.

24/7 visibility: OOH media such as static billboards grant continuous brand exposure regardless day and or night.

Synergy with other marketing channels: Integrate OOH seamlessly into your multi-channel strategy.


The cost differs depending on several factors, such as the layout, sizes, location, duration, and campaign complexity. The pricing proposals we offer are in line with your budget, and we deliver transparent quotes upfront. To understand the brief costs of billboards in Malaysia, you may refer to this article.


Both options have their advantages. Digital billboards offer dynamic content and immediate updates, ideal for high-engagement campaigns. Static billboards provide an economical solution for long-term brand visibility. We can help you choose the best alternative based on your specific needs and goals.


Expansive experience: Our thriving track record of OOH campaigns across diverse industries speaks of our value. Contact us to know more!

Nationwide network: We have the desired media inventories all over Malaysia

Seasoned Media Specialists: Our dedicated specialists provide strategic media planning, creative advisory, and seamless campaign execution.

Data-driven approach: We utilise data and analytics from past campaigns to assure your campaign delivers optimal results and high ROI.

Client-centric service: We prioritise your needs and goals, offering personalised support throughout the process.