OOH Demands And Trends In Malaysia Over The Years (2020-2024)

OOH advertising in Malaysia has seen a fascinating shift in trends over the past few years, according to research done by Firstboard. Here's a quick breakdown:


Free-Standing Takes The Lead (2020-present)

For several years now, free-standing billboards have been the most sought-after OOH media in Malaysia. This might be due to their affordability, versatility, and ability to reach a wide audience in high-traffic areas. Also, it's probably one of the most common media formats we will encounter day-to-day, especially when you're waiting for traffic lights (if you're driving~).

However, the rise of digital OOH presents a challenge. While free-standing billboards offer established advantages, the future might see a blend of both formats, leveraging the strengths of each to create a more dynamic and engaging advertising experience for Malaysian consumers.


Addressing The Sudden Digital Revolution

In 2023, there's a clear new contender – digital billboards. This surge in popularity likely reflects Malaysia's growing embrace of the digital landscape. Brands are recognizing the power of integrating digital elements into their OOH strategies, allowing for more dynamic and engaging campaigns.

As we are all aware of, this shift of interest towards digital OOH reflects a broader trend in marketing – the desire to create personalised and interactive experiences for consumers. Brands are aware that venturing into the digital realm will benefit them as digital billboards are well-positioned to be a dominant force in Malaysia's OOH advertising landscape.


What Firstboard Concludes...

Data analysis from Firstboard, a leading OOH solutions provider, reveals a compelling trend: a significant rise in OOH advertising awareness among Malaysian brands. This is evidenced by the overall upward trend in OOH adoption observed since 2021.

Previously, the concept of utilising OOH advertising to drive ROI was hit to the bottom due to the pandemic. With limited traffic on the road and commercial centers, the OOH industry was at its darkest time. At the same time, most traditional media is deemed to be faded under the uprise of digital media such as social media, leading OOH to not been fully embraced by all brands.

However, recent data suggests a shift in this perception. Supported by owned data and research by Statista, Malaysian brand owners are increasingly recognizing the value and potential of OOH advertising strategies. This growing awareness has undoubtedly contributed to the observed rise in OOH advertising trends across various formats.

It's important to note that further research into brand motivations and campaign goals could provide a more nuanced understanding of this shift. However, the data from Firstboard offers a strong indication that OOH advertising is gaining significant traction as a strategic marketing tool for Malaysian brands.


A Verdict On Future OOH Trends

Looking ahead, the rise of digital billboards suggests a future where OOH advertising becomes increasingly interactive and data-driven. Traditional formats like free-standing displays might still hold a place, but they'll likely be complemented by the dynamic capabilities of digital screens.

Digital billboards are surging in popularity due to their ability to deliver a more dynamic and engaging advertising experience. Unlike static displays, they can showcase eye-catching motion graphics and adapt content in real-time, keeping messaging fresh and relevant.

In essence, digital billboards cater to the modern marketing landscape's focus on personalization, engagement, and measurability, making them a clear trendsetter in the OOH advertising world. We wouldn’t be surprised if digital screens take charge in the future OOH field.


OOH In 2024 So Far

Predicting a full year's trend is tricky, but looking at how the numbers are doing so far, advertising in 2024 seems to be all about outdoor dominance. We are still in our early mid-year, but we are looking at a great amount of OOH participation in the first half-year. With a great amount of interest on OOH media, Firstboard expects that this year, 2024, will be a fruitful year for OOH advertising in Malaysia. 

OOH media queries from 2021-2024

It is safe to expect even more captivating digital billboards and a data-driven approach to targeting specific audiences. Integration with other marketing channels and a focus on sustainability are also likely to grow. We might even see a rise in interactive OOH experiences, blurring the lines between advertising and engagement. It's an exciting time for OOH.


Image credits: SB Outdoor, Intel, LinkedIn, Statista

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