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A wise consumer will always do a throughout research before making a purchasing decision. It goes without saying that pricing is what people are most concern with. While it is easy for people to find out the price of common products, the cost for Out-Of-Home (OOH) media or billboards is not what people are familiar with. 

Will it be too pricey? Is it within my budget? Will the billboard be too costly if I advertise in the busy city like Kuala Lumpur? Worry not, because here we will be discussing about:

  • 7 types of billboard commonly found in malaysia
  • Billboard's price range in Malaysia
  • 6 factors that affects the variation of billboard cost


7 Types of Billboard Commonly Found in Malaysia.

First of all, don't panic about the pricing; get to know the billboards first! Before we get into the matter of billboard pricing and how much it may cost you, it is important to learn about the 7 types of billboards that you can found in Malaysia.

  • Unipole
  • Free Standing
  • Overhead Bridge
  • Gantry 
  • Wall Banner
  • Pillar Wrap / Lightbox
  • Rooftop


Billboard's Price Range in Malaysia

Each types of billboards comes with different size and of course, price. Often misjudge as the pricey and costly advertising medium, the benefits it offers will actually make it worth the price you pay. Thus, here's a rough estimation of how much each billboard will cost you:

1. Unipole: RM3x,xxx - RM1xx,xxx

unipole billboard malaysia

Photo courtesy of Laguna Media

Unipoles are highly demanded at commercial areas. With so many different sizes, a unipole with the size of 20ft x 30ft would cost around RM1XX,XXX per year. A smaller size, minipole usually around 11ft x 41ft would cost around RM3X,XXX per year. 

2. Free Standing: RM6x,xxx - RM1xx,xxx

Photo courtesy of Big Tree

Freestanding billboards are normally enacted on the side of roads with high traffic. These horizontal billboards are usually priced around RM6X,XXX per year for a 11ft x 41ft dimension. Bigger sizes would cost up RM1XX,XXX per year. 

3. Overhead Bridge: RM1xx,xxx

overhead bridge billboard

Photo courtesy of MediaMatrix

Overhead bridge billboards are attached on the structure of overhead bridges. Highly spotted at major road, the price of this billboard can range up to RM1XX,XXX per year for different sizes. 

4. Gantry: RM7x,xxx - 1,xxx,xxx

gantry billboard malaysia

Photo courtesy of Ramcel Media

Gantry is an overhead structure designed to mount ads on both sides. Similar to overhead bridges, it can be found on major roads to target incoming traffic. A mini gantry would cost around RM7X,XXX per year while a giant gantry can cost up to RM1,XXX,XXX per year because of its size. 

5. Wall Banner: RM2xx,xxx

wall banner billboard malaysia

Photo courtesy of Creative Chump

Wall banners are attached on the walls of buildings that are easily visible to an audience. With customizable sizes, the price can range up to RM2XX,XXX per year. 

6. Pillar Wrap / Lightbox: RM4x,xxx - 4xx,xxx

Pillar wrap / Lightbox

Pillar wrap or lightboxes are advertisement attached on the pillars along the roads, typically under flyovers. The price for this type of advertising cost around RM4X,XXX for a pillar per year. Moreover, some are rented out in a set of pillars depending on availability which would cost around RM4XX,XXX per year for different sizes. 

7. Rooftop: RM2xx,xxx

rooftop billboard

Photo courtesy of Arancia Asia

Rooftop billboards are attached on the rooftop of buildings facing an incoming traffic. Billboards on rooftop are effective because it is highly visible with its strategic location and size. Usually in the size around 25ft x 60ft, they can cost up to RM2XX,XXX per year depending on the location.


6 Factors that Affects the Variation of Billboard Cost

The given costs of billboards from above are only an estimation. The cost may varies depending on:

  • Location: The hotter the spot, the higher it may cost; billboards that are in the city area may cost higher compared to billboards in the remote area.
  • Demographic: If your target audience are among the working adult that resides in a major city like Johor Bahru, then your billboard cost may be higher
  • Duration: Depending on the length of time that you desired, you can advertise on billboard according to your budget limitation.
  • Impressions: The higher number of impressions a billboard get, the higher the cost may be.
  • Labor / Cost of design and production: Depending on the size of billboards, always remember that the production & design cost often is not included in the original price of billboards.
  • Installation: The bigger the billboard is, the higher the cost is.

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