How To Advertise In Malaysia: A Guide For International Advertisers

Rules and Guides for OOH

Venturing into the Malaysian market can be exciting, but navigating the Out-of-Home(OOH) advertising campaign can be a whole new ball game. To ensure a smooth and successful campaign, international advertisers need to be aware of the key regulations and creative considerations.


Operational Essentials

Before launching your campaign, there are some crucial operational details to address:

  • Business Registration Certificate: The first step is obtaining a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). This establishes your legal presence in the country.
  • Product/Service Legality: Ensure your advertised products or services are legal and adhere to Malaysian regulations. Research any restrictions or licensing requirements beforehand.
  • Trademark Certification: If you have a trademarked product or service, securing a certificate from the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO) is a must. This certification not only strengthens your legal position but also safeguards your brand identity. Remember, an international trademark won’t protect you in Malaysia. That’s why it’s crucial to get your MyIPO certification well in advance. This extra step ensures your brand is fully shielded and ready to make its mark in the Malaysian market!

MyIPO trademarks


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Crafting The Creatives

Now that the operational groundwork is laid, let's turn our attention to the creative side of your OOH campaign. In other words, here’s what to show and what to avoid:

  • Content Restrictions: Malaysia has a strict stance on certain types of content. Avoid explicit content of any nature, including sexual imagery or innuendo.
  • Sensitivity to Diversity: Respect Malaysia's multicultural society. Steer clear of content that could be perceived as racially insensitive or politically charged.
  • Promoting Healthy Habits: Drug-related content, including tobacco, cigarettes, and vape products, is strictly prohibited. Focus on promoting healthy and responsible choices.
  • Medical Regulations: If your campaign involves medical devices or services, ensure you have the necessary certification from the Ministry of Health (KKM) to advertise them.
  • Cryptocurrency Cautions: Advertising cryptocurrency can be a complex issue. Unless specifically approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), avoid promoting cryptocurrency in your campaign.


OOH Advertising In Malaysia For International Advertisers

By understanding these operational and creative considerations, international advertisers can set themselves up for success in the Malaysian market. Remember, effective communication starts with cultural sensitivity and adherence to local regulations. So, take these guidelines into account, craft your message with care, and get ready to capture the attention of the Malaysian consumers with OOH advertising!


Image credits: Geospatial World

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