Consider These 15 Factors Before Going For Billboard Advertising Campaign

Consider These 15 Factors Before Going For Billboard Advertising Campaign

Before launching a billboard advertising campaign, it is crucial to carefully plan and consider various factors to ensure its effectiveness. Here are 15 key considerations for the business owner to refer to before starting the campaign.


  1. Campaign Goals and Objectives

At this very first step, it is important to determine the specific goals and objectives of your billboard campaign. You may ask these few questions yourself to know the answer: Are you aiming to increase brand awareness, promote a product or service, convey a specific message, or achieve another goal?

By clearly defining your objectives, it will help to guide your campaign strategy.


  1. Target Audience

Every business has its own target audience. Make sure to identify your target audience and their demographics beforehand. Knowing your audience's preferences and behaviors will help you create compelling and relevant billboard content.


  1. Budget

You would not want to spend so much money on something that is not giving a Return on Investment (ROI), right?

Establish a realistic budget for your billboard advertising campaign. You may consider not only the costs of designing and printing the billboard but also the rental or leasing fees for the billboard space, installation costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses.


  1. Location Selection

Since you already know who is your target audience, it makes an easy way for you to choose the locations. At this stage, you can come up with a list of your preferred locations and choose which one is the best among all.

The tip is to choose the most suitable billboard locations based on your target audience's presence, traffic patterns, and visibility. Consider factors like high-traffic areas, proximity to your business or event, and local zoning regulations. If you ever need a hand finding the ideal spot for your billboard, consider giving a visit. It is a nifty website that can help make your search a whole lot easier.


  1. Billboard Type and Size

There are many types of billboards available in the market. Business owners may determine the type and size of billboards that align with campaign objectives. Options may include traditional static billboards, digital billboards, mobile billboards, or transit advertising.


  1. Design and Creative Content

What is a billboard without a creative design and content? To make a remarkable billboard that will leave an impact on the viewers, always come up and create eye-catching and memorable billboard designs. You may also consider factors like color, typography, high-quality images as well as branding consistency.


  1. Message Clarity

Craft a clear and compelling message that resonates with your target audience. Viewers would not want to read a long sentence, so make sure to keep the message simple, and concise and ensure its readability from a distance! Use a strong call to action (CTA) if applicable, and ensure that viewers can quickly understand your message.


  1. Compliance with Regulations

Another important thing to do before going for a billboard advertising campaign is to do research!

There are certain local regulations and permitting requirements business owners need to comply with for billboard advertising. Ensure that your campaign adheres to size, location, content, and safety guidelines.

For instance, in Malaysia, business owners are not allowed to do billboard advertising consisting of explicit, tobacco, or alcohol-related content. Hence, always do the research beforehand to avoid any inconvenience at the tail end!


  1. Contract Terms and Duration

At this point, you can always negotiate the terms of your billboard lease or rental agreement with the billboard owner or person in charge. Determine the duration of your campaign and understand the renewal or termination options.


  1. Scheduling and Timing

People often mention, “The right person, but wrong timing”. In the context of a billboard campaign, it is crucial to meticulously plan the timing. This involves taking into account various factors such as seasonal changes, holidays, special events, and the most effective moments for connecting with your desired audience.

For instance, if you are introducing a new collection of "Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu" for Hari Raya, it is advisable to schedule your billboard campaign approximately 3-4 months before the arrival of Hari Raya.


  1. Measurement and Analytics

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the movement and the success of your campaign. You may consider using tools like tracking phone numbers, QR codes, or website analytics to monitor the campaign's impact.


  1. Contingency Plans

It is important to be proactive and make sure you are well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances or challenges that might crop up while running your campaign. These unexpected events can range from unfavorable weather conditions, like heavy rain or extreme heat, to technical glitches that might affect the performance of your digital billboards.

By taking the time to anticipate and plan for these potential hiccups in advance, you will be better equipped to handle them if they occur, ensuring the smooth and successful execution of your campaign. Remember, being prepared is key to overcoming obstacles and achieving your campaign goals.


  1. Maintenance and Removal

It is a good practice to schedule regular maintenance for your billboard and establish a clear strategy for its removal once your campaign concludes. Regular upkeep ensures that your billboard remains in optimal condition, delivering your message effectively throughout the campaign's duration. This maintenance may include cleaning, repairing any wear and tear, and ensuring the lighting or digital components are functioning correctly.


  1. Testing and Previews

If you have the opportunity, it is highly advisable to run a trial or preview of your billboard design with either a carefully selected focus group or your colleagues. This step can prove invaluable in garnering valuable feedback and insights before you officially kick off your campaign.

By engaging in this pre-launch testing process, you can refine and fine-tune your billboard's design, ensuring it resonates effectively with your target audience. The involvement of a focus group or colleagues allows you to tap into diverse perspectives, offering a holistic assessment of the design's strengths and potential areas for improvement.


  1. Legal and Contractual Considerations

Prior to signing any contracts or legal agreements, it is essential to adopt a meticulous approach by thoroughly examining all the documents. These critical documents encompass various aspects, such as payment terms, liability clauses, and any unique conditions specified either by the billboard owner or the advertising agency.

By considering these factors and planning your billboard advertising campaign thoroughly, you can maximize its impact and minimize any potential issues. Remember that effective billboard advertising requires strategic thinking, creativity, and attention to detail. At Firstboard Sdn Bhd, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, from initial planning to flawless execution. Feel free to get in touch with us today at +6019-796 2222 or visit our website at Firstboard.

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