Highway Billboard Advertising in Malaysia 2023: Costs, Effectiveness, and Ownership

Did you know that Malaysians who live in Klang Valleys spend an average of 44 hours in traffic jams every month? It is caused by the amount of vehicles that are on the roads especially during the weekend and working hours.

However, this phenomenon was not entirely negative, at least not for the advertisers. The lengthy hours in their vehicle allows the advertisers to target the audience during their long and boring travels to their workplaces. And this makes highway billboards rise as iconic landmarks, capturing the attention of countless commuters and travellers daily. 

Traffic jam on a highway in Malaysia

Let it be the gigantic giant gantry at Kesas Highway or the prosper amount of billboards alongside Federal highways, these highway billboards surely capture attention and lasting impression. As a distinguished outdoor media specialist, Firstboard is dedicated to unveiling the profound impact of highway billboard advertising in Malaysia for the year 2023. In this comprehensive blog post, we will disclose the significance, costs, effectiveness, and ownership of highway billboards.


What Exactly is a Highway Billboard?

What are the Costs of Highway Billboard Advertising?

Effectiveness of Highway Billboards

Who Owns Highway Billboards



What Exactly is a Highway Billboard?

A highway billboard is like a giant advertising spot strategically placed along busy roads, expressways, and highways. These massive advertising giants act as enormous screens, giving brands a huge space to showcase their messages to a wide range of people. Whether it's a captivating image or a short yet impactful message, highway billboards have the ability to leave a lasting mark on the minds of drivers and travellers, making them one of the essential tools in the world of marketing.

A billboard beside a highway


What are the Costs of Highway Billboard Advertising?

Exploring highway billboard advertising demands an understanding of its financial ramifications. The cost of advertising on a highway billboard varied based on several factors, including location, dimensions, and campaign duration. For example, the cost of a highway unipole could be between RM 3X,XXX - RM 1XX,XXX, which is very different based on those factors. With that being said, it's imperative to recognize that the investment in highway billboard advertising can yield substantial returns in terms of brand recognition and brand recall, primarily due to the unparalleled visibility and engagement they offer. For an exhaustive breakdown of the costs, refer to our comprehensive blog on the Cost of Billboards in Malaysia.


Effectiveness of Highway Billboards

The effectiveness of highway billboards emerges from their unique ability to reach an extensive and diverse audience. The transient nature of commuters and travellers transforms them into a captive demographic, rendering highway billboards an optimal medium for brand communication. These towering giants play a pivotal role in brand recognition, leaving indelible imprints on the minds of individuals navigating their daily routes. Hubspot stated that billboards are having higher recall than print ads, online ads, and broadcasting ads. To get deeper insights of the spectrum of billboard advertising's effectiveness, peruse our detailed analysis on Billboard Advertising: The Pros and Cons of Going Outdoor.


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Who Owns Highway Billboards?

Ownership of highway billboards predominantly rests in the hands of esteemed outdoor media companies, also known as the MEDIA OWNER. These industry specialists provide an essential platform for brands to showcase their offerings while ensuring the strategic placement of billboards for optimal visibility. Collaborating with proficient outdoor media experts allows brands to tap into a wellspring of knowledge, fine-tuning their ability to seize attention within the dynamic landscape of outdoor advertising.



Summing up the idea

In conclusion, highway billboard advertising in Malaysia in 2023 wields significant influence, merging visibility, engagement, and impact seamlessly. Firstboard, at the forefront of this transformation, acknowledges highway billboards' potential to reshape brand narratives. By navigating the domains of costs, effectiveness, and ownership intricacies, brands can unlock highway billboards' full potential, taking their marketing strategies to new heights. Gain deeper insights into billboard advertising efficacy with our analysis on Is Billboard Advertising Still Effective in Malaysia 2023.

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