Pop-Up Marketing: What You Need To Know!


Have you ever heard of the 5-Minute Internship Campaign? Solve, a creative agency in Minneapolis created a miniature version of their agency and took it on tour to Midwest colleges. The goal was to showcase the agency's culture and combat the usual intern recruitment routine. It was listed as the Top 50 most innovative pop-up marketing by “Insider Trends” in the UK.


This is why you may have seen your favorite local or international brands having a pop-up store.


What Is Pop-Up Marketing?

Pop-up marketing is a strategy that uses a touchpoint to expand a brand’s sales funnel, attract new leads, and test new concepts. Common methods include pop-up shops, ads, and content drives. This technique broadens brand awareness, brings leads to engagement, and boosts revenue. You might invest a lot of effort and cash in the event, but there's a chance it won't be very successful without a solid pop-up store marketing plan.


Advantages Of Pop-Up Marketing

Pop-up marketing is an ideal technique if you want to spread your brand’s awareness. Check out the advantages of pop-up marketing if you don’t know it yet!


1. Brand Awareness

Pop-up marketing is a great way to introduce your business or product to the audience if they haven't heard of you yet. When people try your products in person rather than just seeing your name in an advertisement, they are more likely to remember the experience.


2. Strategic Test

Whether you want to test out your products or services in a retail setting or to test out the location and target demographics, pop-out stores are a great option. You won’t need to invest a huge sum of money in a retail rollout.


3. Customer Connection

Building brand loyalty can be tougher than it looks when your marketing is limited to social media platforms and websites. By giving the product a face, a pop-up allows you to interact with clients more directly and may eventually increase your online sales.


Pop-Up Event Tips

If you are planning to venture into pop-up marketing but don’t know where to start yet, here are a few tips to consider!


1. PR!

The media will be your greatest ally if you want to spread the word about your product. Partner up with the local media by organizing a media event. Through this, you can also write a press release to see if you can get publicity for your products. Sending exclusive media invites for your debut day might even be beneficial.


2. Connect With Local Influencers

Influencers on social media have grown to be vital resource in marketing. Engage with influencers to promote your business and increase attendance at your pop-up event or other promotions. This might also assist in reaching new audiences with your business.


3. Out-Of-Home Advertising

Signages and digital billboards will assist you in drawing attention to foot traffic. You can always count on out-of-home (OOH) advertising to create impactful advertising campaigns as it can’t be ignored. You can contact Firstboard for creative and impactful OOH campaign ideas to elevate your pop-up marketing too!


The next time you are planning to venture into pop-up marketing, remember these tips and make the most of them! Don’t forget to contact Firstboard for more out-of-home marketing ideas!

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