Why DOOH Should Be Your Choice

DOOH on Malaysia highway

DOOH is expected to grow 10.1% annually - WARC Report

The growth of digital out-of-home (DOOH) is undeniable; with expanding and upgrading works that happen to many cities around the world, thousands of new digital screens are also built resulting in the growth of DOOH network.

What is DOOH

Just like OOHDOOH is also an outdoor advertising channel but is in digital form. More than just a big digital screen, DOOH can also be found in the form of bunting or you can even make it mobile.

The Benefits of DOOH

Did you know DOOH offers a wide range of benefits for your brand? Among the benefits are:

  • DOOH is unblockable
  • Higher engagement with DOOH
  • DOOH is cost effective
  • Better metrics with pDOOH

1. DOOH is unblockable 

DOOH 3D screen at pavillion

Image via The Star

Just like any other outdoor media, audiences can’t just choose to block or skip DOOH. Often placed in high traffic areas, it offers exceptional benefit with viewability which makes it highly visible and able to reach a wide range of audience.

2. Higher engagement with DOOH

DOOH traffic

Image via Campaign Asia

Outdoor advertising drives 4x more engagement compared to other advertising media. - Nielsen study

With DOOH advertisers are able to be creative with motion graphics. This makes it easy for advertisers to make their ads interactive and further drives higher engagement to their campaign. This engagement can further impact on brand image and values.

3. DOOH is cost effective

DOOH is surprisingly cost effective compared to other traditional outdoor advertising. This is because, with DOOH advertisers get to control their ads display where they can set conditions for their campaign, which includes:

  • Ads Budget
  • Targeted area/city
  • Audience demoraphics
  • Weather conditions
  • Place of interest
  • Time to display ads

4. Better metrics with pDOOH


Image via Hivestack

DOOH offers better data than the traditional OOH advertising. You can only get an estimated headcount from the analytics of your OOH campaign, but with programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) you can pay to get impression data and also receive real-time analytics of your campaign.


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