Why OOH is Important For Your Campaign

OOH is important; because it offers a unique set of benefits and is effective in attracting and retaining customers.

While it is true that digital marketing has become prominent in today’s advertising scene, the truth is more than 30% of internet users are using ad blockers for a smooth online experience. So, how exactly do advertisers ensure that their ads can reach their intended audience?

To ensure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, many advertisers are investing into a mixed method approach which often combines both digital media with out-of-home (OOH) or digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Here are 4 reasons why OOH is important in your advertising campaign;

1. More Targeted Strategic Location


The current OOH advertising scene does not only offer ad space but rich data is also provided for advertisers to further understand the market scene. For example, by looking at the data of every specific location, advertisers will be able to determine the best suitable space to display their ad for the intended target audience.

2. The Rise of Hyperlocal Ads

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Telling the right stories in the right places often encourages engagement and further leaves a higher impact on your ad. In today’s advertising scene, localized ads have been proven to be successful in delivering an impactful ad to audiences. This McDonald’s Malaysia outdoor ads for example customized different ads for different states in Malaysia. The localized ad not only attracts physical audiences, but they also encourage engagements where pictures of these ads were spread on the internet for the reason that many can relate to it! 

3. The Rise of Digital OOH

digital OOH

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With the increasing number of screens, OOH are able to serve more ads options to advertisers in delivering their creative content. Not only static billboards, advertisers can also display short clips or real-time updates through digital screens to make their ad looks more attractive. Creative digital content will allow more real-time engagement from the audience and further leads to higher brand awareness and customer retention. 

4. Increase Marketing Effect

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It is generally known that using multiple channels for your marketing campaign will increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Top brands have been seeing an increase in their brand sales and engagement as a result from integrated campaigns that include digital and OOH marketing. While it is true that OOH can be considered as a traditional form of marketing, the ultimate advantage it offers is like no other because you get to achieve a massive reach with OOH. This is because as technology evolves, the OOH scene can be seen always adapting with the current technology in order to stay relevant.

Reach a massive audience with OOH 

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