Is Outdoor Advertising Still Relevant?

Even in this day and age, outdoor advertising is still relevant as one of the most effective advertising media. Why and how does it keep its relevance in this modern era?

In this era of digitalization, the digital scene has become more relevant not only in Malaysia but all over the world. The advertising scene can also be seen shifted to online media as many brands have started to reach their consumers through online ads. However, the outdoor advertising scene has and never will be forgotten as it stays as the marketing channel that has the highest impact among all.

Thus, let us see the 4 main reasons why out-of-home (OOH) media stays relevant in 2021 and even in the upcoming years.

1. The Big Screen Matter

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Often placed in highly dense areas, the big billboards are able to reach different groups of masses everyday, increasing chances for your ad campaign to be seen by a higher number of people. With the big screen, it is also almost impossible for the onlookers to simply skip your ad.

2. The Evolution of Outdoor Ads

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Outdoor advertising has always been stereotyped as a big, giant, static screen. However, it is actually beyond a static screen as it has also evolved according to the evolving technology. Other than digital billboards, the AR technology has also been used by brands to advertise in their outdoor campaigns. Read more to find out the outdoor ads that are commonly found in Malaysia.

3. It Always Stands Out 

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Of course it is big and often is creatively made to catch the eye of the public, outdoor ads often stand out in public places no matter where it is put. Sometimes because of the unique places such as wrapped on the body of a train, or even because it is made to interact with the public

4. Higher Brand Awareness with Outdoor Ads

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Often creatively planned, outdoor advertising has been proven as effective to increase your brand awareness. With the various formats available with outdoor ads, there is no limit of creativity you can achieve with your ads. For example, utilizing the A.I technology, you can make your outdoor ads talk or even play music; this will encourage engagement from the audience and further make your ad highly effective.


Stay relevant with outdoor advertising

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