Seasonal Marketing: 4 Things To Do in Festive and Sale Season

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Seasonal marketing often drives a higher conversion on purchasing intent.

It is no surprise that at certain times of the year, your product sales can go higher. For example, for shops that sell traditional clothes like baju kurung, they will most probably see a surge of sales during Hari Raya season. 

So how exactly does seasonal marketing work? Here are 4 tips you need to consider while planning for a seasonal marketing campaign.

1. Determine your goals

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Through this campaign, do you want a higher sale? Or higher brand awareness? Determining your ultimate aim before planning for your campaign will give you clearer ideas for your ads. For example you can offer a lower-than-normal price to attract more buyers or you can offer great product quality to create a strong branding.

2. Research your competitors

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Doing basic research will help you to determine what works the best for your upcoming promotion. For example, you can look at their past strategies; success or not, and learn from the mistake or success made.

3. Plan early

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For seasonal marketing, you would want to start early; because once you miss the hype, you would have to wait for a long time before the upcoming year. For the best result, don’t wait until the last minute to plan or start your campaign. The best is to start planning anywhere between three to six months prior to the season you are targeting for sale. In planning, you have to;

  • Determine your offer
  • Decide your advertising medium
  • Prepare and organize you resources (eg; sale stock and items)
  • Ensure all technicals are in order

4. Offer something unique/different

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It’s seasonal, of course you have to offer something that is not here when it's off season. You can offer a particular limited product, deal, or discount that makes your brand unique and different from what your competitors are offering. 


Include OOH advertising in your seasonal campaign to extend reach 

Hit us at Firstboard and tell our media specialists about your plan.

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