3 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Campaign

Billboard in Malaysia

Even with the rise of digital marketing, outdoor campaign still has the highest potential to influence people. Because it is inevitable; people can’t just choose not to see the big billboard so they will end up consuming the information without even realizing it. 

So how to make it attractive enough to catch the audience's attention and make them remember your brand?

Sure design plays a huge role in the success of an outdoor campaign because it is what makes the billboard looks attractive. But here's also 3 tips to drive impact for a successful outdoor campaign.

1. Encourage Engagement

Indoor interactive billboard

Image via Firstboard

To encourage engagement from your audience, create a unique ad design that is able to attract eyeballs to look into your ads. Catching their attention is one thing, but it is even better if your ad is interesting enough to make people feel the need to take pictures or share your ads online. This way, you’ll be getting noticed by a massive amount of people and further increase a higher brand awareness for your brand. 

However, be careful not to overdo it because overdoing it might give you a failure instead. To ensure that you create an effective ad design, read more on the basic rules of outdoor ad design.

2. Target the High-Traffic Areas

Unipole Penang

Image via Yoohoo Media

Going big with your billboard is important because it’s an easy way to get you noticed. But selecting the right location is even more important because there’s no use of having a big billboard if you place it somewhere remote. 

Thus, here’s a guide on things to consider when choosing your billboard location.

3. Research your Competitions

Piccadilly Billboard

Image via LED Pos

While planning for your advertising campaign, researching your competitors’ strategies will give you more info on how to make your campaign better. Paying attention to their strategy will encourage you to outperform them while planning for your own marketing strategy.


Now you know the way to a successful outdoor campaign,

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