Atypical Ads Campaign: Multisensory Advertising

Multisensory advertising might sound foreign to some of us but it has actually been practiced since a few years back by some brands to promote their products and services.


What is Multisensory Advertising?

Multisensory advertising often use triggers human senses which creates a deeper brand experience for its audience. It allows engagement with the five physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch.


The Benefits: Why You Must Do It?

There are 4 main reasons why you should consider doing multisensory advertising:


1. It's unique!

As your campaign connects with your customers through a non-typical experience, you will get to be remembered in a specific way. This is because engaging with their senses makes your brand attractive in every stage of product promotion, consideration, trial, purchase, and even post-purchase.

Image via Campaign US

2. Creates Deeper Experience for Customers

This method of advertising has been proven to boost brand appeal as it creates a deeper experience for customers. Emotional, behavioural, and cognitive reactions are elicited when senses are activated. This further provokes natural reactions that give you the ability to make fresh breakthroughs.

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3. Naturally Memorable

As it provides a complete experience, it often is memorable as it stands out from other form of advertising. Plus, as audience engage in the realistic experience offers by advertisers, audience will remember your brand for a longer time thus, brands get a higher brand recall.

4. Encourage Higher Sales

dunkin donuts sensory ad campaign

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As it enhance experience by offering a realistic experience for customers, it indirectly attract customers to purchase the product or service. For example, Dunkin' Donuts in South Korea spays fresh coffee scent every time their ad plays on Seoul buses. The campaign that is also known as "flavour radio" has seen a 29% increase in sales. All because of the impactful fresh aroma!


How to Appeal to Audience Using Multi-sensory Ads?

The aim is to engage with your audience without being obvious that you are selling something. It can be as simple as making your OOH campaign in the form of self-serve kiosks, motion-sensored ads, or even give out free sample of your products to attract crowds!

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