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“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt. We live in a world where creativity and innovation are the keys to progress and success in life. This applies to anything including the business world and especially in advertising. 

Creative advertising will guarantee higher brand awareness and brand exposure. Here is some buzz-worthy creative billboard advertising around the world.

1. Capsico – Hot pepper sauce

Photo courtesy of u/philstein1 @ Reddit

Capsico’s red pepper sauce blasting through the billboard. A straightforward but creative way to show how spicy and hot the sauce is, a burned hole is created to show its effect. 

2. Nestle

Photo courtesy of The Brand Weavers @ Twitter

The billboard ad by Nestle shows a hand taking a KitKat from the billboard. Referred to as the ‘Hand of God’, it is assumed to be indicating that even God wants to have a taste of it!

Photo courtesy of TOXEL.COM

Now a flock of birds are stealing Nestle’s chocolate bar!

Photo courtesy of Negi Sign Systems & Supplies Co.

Is that a UFO? Brilliant idea by Nestle. Is the chocolate bar that tasty that even aliens are stealing it?

Nestle surely put their efforts into making creative and also humorous ads to capture people’s attention. A funny and interesting ad can make people take pictures of the billboard and talk about it on social media. This will eventually further increase the exposure of your brand.

3. IKEA - Steps

Photo courtesy of Mother

To raise awareness for a new IKEA store in Greenwich, IKEA collaborated with Mother to create these billboards portraying the counts of steps towards the store. These billboards are placed along the roads, from the bus stop to the walkway, the arrows lead people to the new IKEA store. The initiative of this campaign is also to encourage people to be eco-friendly by walking or taking public transport. Killing two birds with one stone, they were able to promote the new store and also highlight their eco-friendly credentials. 

4. Tyrolit by Heimat – Rust 


Photo courtesy of TOXEL.COM


Photo courtesy of Heimat

Heimat designed a successful billboard for Tyrolit to prove that the Tyrolit knife will remain untarnished in the outside environment. The campaign started with just a sheet of metal with only Tyrolit’s logo on it but in a few weeks, the metal started to rust, revealing the shape of a knife on its stainless part. This ad has grabbed the attention of the passer-by and especially amazed those who witness its transformation every day. Now everyone knows that Tyrolit’s knife is stainless and will remain shiny as ever even in the outside environment. 

5. Berger- Paint

Photo courtesy of TRENDHUNTER

Berger introduces their paint with a billboard portraying a painter painting the color of the sky onto a billboard. The illusion looks so real it looks like a live painter is painting the billboard with Berger’s paint that has the color of the sky. In fact, the billboard was cut out in a way to resemble the paint strokes while the paint is the actual color of the sky. What a way to let people know that they offer such beautiful and natural paint color. 

6. Dracula

Photo courtesy of today

This billboard by BBC is promoting their mini-series ‘Dracula’. It seems absolutely cool with the wood stakes dripping with blood on the billboard and the addition of a box that says ‘In case of vampires, break glass’. Can you feel the thrills? However, this billboard has something more to it. Scroll down to see what it has transformed into at night. 

Photo courtesy of The Inspiration

When darkness falls, the wood stakes begin to cast a shadow of Dracula. Given that vampires only rise at night, this billboard adds another level of tension to the series. If you love thriller series, I bet seeing this on the street will get you up for it. 

7. Imodium

Photo courtesy of u/ReturnOneWayTicket @ Reddit

Imodium successfully delivers the fear of running out of toilet paper to people with its giant size empty paper roll attached to a billboard. Beside the empty paper roll is their anti-diarrhoea product, hinting people to get one to avoid the undesirable bowel situation. 

8. McDonald’s – Follow the Arches

Photo courtesy of ADWEEK

Using only a part of its logo, McDonald’s is confident that people will still recognize them anyway. Their ‘Follow The Arch’ campaign is simply out-of-the-box and effective. This fun idea leads people to the closest McDonald’s store.

Photo courtesy of ADWEEK

It even tells you when you miss your turn!

Photo courtesy of ADWEEK

Either exit you take, they will still lead you to a McDonald’s store. What a smart way to show that their business is everywhere. 

9. Panasonic – Nose Hair Trimmer

Photo courtesy of CreativeCriminals

Panasonic advertised their nose hair trimmer with this billboard of a guy with long disturbing nose hair. What makes this more interesting is the nose hair is actually electric wires connected through the holes on the billboard. This approach definitely dramatizes the whole ad. 

10. The economist – Lightbulb

Photo courtesy of Ads Archive

This 3-D lightbulb ad by The Economist stands out in the middle of the street.  

Photo courtesy of Ads Archive

What makes it fascinating is that the lightbulb will light up when someone passes by. This is possible by using an electronic motion sensor where the bulb will light up when the sensor is triggered by motion. What a creative way to attract attention. Imagine walking by it and see the light suddenly shines above you!

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