Firstboard Web Performance Report: 2022 First-Half Trends for Firstboard Malaysia

As of the first half of 2022, COVID-19 measures in Malaysia had almost fully eased. Thus, businesses were itching to capitalise on this crucial change to attract and increase consumer traffic.

According to Fan Chen Yip from Mediabrands, the advertising industry is currently demonstrating an optimistic future: 63% of total advertising spending in 2022 belongs to digital advertising alone.

“Out-of-home (OOH) has similarly rebounded, spurred by the on-the-move culture of Malaysians, with a projected 13% growth. We are very optimistic about the OOH scene that has largely taken off due to new technological innovations within digital out-of-home.”

Fan Chen Yip, Mediabrands Malaysia chief investment officer

Hence, continuing from last year’s report, here’s the overview of Firstboard’s 2022 online user data and what it means for your OOH media expectations this year.

Firstboard 2022 Web Performance Report

1. Firstboard User Trend

Overall, the first half of 2022 saw over 600 users who have shown their interest in Billboard Media through Firstboard’s website which is already at least 78% of the total users from the previous year, 2021. May shows a new all-time monthly peak with 184 users alone.

While the number of users were increasing exponentially, the drop in June is noteworthy – but not to worry! Due to Hari Raya in May, businesses sought to make use of the festive holiday, indicating a number of business-to-business type transactions and budget spending related to advertising.

Thus, despite the sharp drop in June from the steep spike in May, the data indicates an overall positive correlation which is a fortunately bright outlook for OOH advertising in 2022 so far.

2. Types of User Category

Direct business (small and medium enterprises/SMEs) remains in the top position, already at 47%. At this pace, it can be expected that the number of users belonging to direct business will surpass the 60% obtained last year, showcasing that OOH is in high demand for this particular type.

However, the percentage of agencies and researchers this year have already passed those conveyed in the 2021 report. Users from agencies have increased by 8% while users from researchers have increased by 5%.

Given that it is only the first half of 2022, the statistics strongly suggest that interest in – and possibly, advertising demand for – Billboard Media is high among these specific types.

3. Sites Downloaded by State

Out of the users from each state in Malaysia, (22% users) and (20% users) no doubt still occupy the top positions due to their population density and number of developed city areas.SelangorKuala Lumpur

Similar to 2021, , , , , and follow suit. Penang now comprises 12% of total users while Kedah comprises 9%. Pahang, Sabah, and Johor are situated at similar percentages ranging from 7%-8%.PenangKedahPahangSabahJohor

Hence, the demand for OOH advertising in these specific states can be ones to watch closely for, especially throughout the second half of 2022.

4. Media Type Downloaded

As shown, the top three media types with the highest download rate are (31%), (20%), and (16%).Free StandingUnipoleLED Screen