How OOH Advertising Can Enhance Your Social Media Efforts

How OOH advertising can enhance social media effort

Social media is taking over the marketing and advertising world by storm. Most business utilizes social media as their main or sole platform to advertise their brand. While social media is indeed an effective platform to reach an audience, combining it with Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising can double the efforts.  

Increase Brand Exposure

Double the efforts, double the exposure. The mix of OOH media and social media advertising can extend your reach to more people.


Chart via Facebook

A study by Facebook on a French organic yoghurt brand, Les 2 Vaches, has proven that combining OOH and social media efforts is effective in reaching existing buyers, new buyers and younger people. The brand adopted a cross channel marketing approach by using Facebook, OOH, and TV ads which gave them a 13% more impact than they expected. As both media has a strong presence even when utilised alone, the mix of both media can only boost the reach to a larger audience. 

Increase Brand Recognition

OOH advertising increase brand recognition

Your brand exposure will lead to your brand recognition. As the mix channel approach of OOH media and social media can increase your brand exposure, you can expect more people to recognise your brand after. Imagine seeing a billboard ad and saw the ad again on social media, wouldn’t you click the ad to see what is it about? The audience sees it on the street, they see it again on social media, now they are aware of what you do and recognise your brand when they see it. With just effort from one channel, the interest you get from people might not be as high. It is as simple as it seems, when your business has enough exposure to gain the interest of people it will eventually build your brand recognition. 

Increase Audience Engagement

Billboard ads nowadays incorporate the business’s social media site or contact number on it to allow the audience to look for them. A way that we are familiar with is the QR code for people to scan to learn more about the business. 

Photo courtesy of QR Code Generator

To increase audience engagement, recent businesses are also putting more efforts into creating outstanding billboard ad that is ‘instagramable’ for people to capture it and share to their social media. 

With the shares from the audience, you are getting free publicity with a community making a topic about your ad. This will eventually drive traffic to your social media pages and that’s when you get to take advantage of it to make them your customer.  

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