Bus Stop Advertising: Is It Effective?

Although not common in Malaysia, bus stop advertising is actually a remarkable idea for big cities such as Kuala Lumpur. Often placed in high traffic areas or along busy high streets, it is capable of reaching different masses everyday. 

The Evolution of Bus Stop Advertising

Just like any other types of outdoor advertising, bus stop advertising also is available in various different forms ranging from static or digital OOH, brands have been innovatively displaying memorable outdoor ads using modern technologies of AR or multi-sensory format that allows an engaging experience for audiences. 

Image via The Star

The Advantages 

The visibility of bus stop advertising is never compromised. While most outdoor advertising is big and can’t be avoided, bus stop advertising is capable of attracting audiences either from the passing traffic or the public that waits for the bus. This gives the advantage to the advertisement where it serves a larger group of audiences both captive audience and the traffic that are on the move. 

Image via The Bangsar Chronicles

Although bus stop advertising has been around for so long, it is never an outdated advertising media and is evolving over the years. Plus, a larger group of masses will be seeing your ads no matter if they are on the move in their vehicle or waiting for the bus.


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