Is Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) Practical In Malaysia?

Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) is a form of outdoor advertising that uses digital technology to display ads on digital screens such as digital billboards, digital signages, video walls, and digital kiosks. It offers several benefits, including:


  • Location-based advertising

pDOOH allows advertisers to target specific locations, making it more efficient and relevant for their campaigns.

  • Flexibiliy

Advertisers can buy ad spaces only when their specified conditions are met, and they can pause or modify their campaigns if needed.

  • Single online platform

pDOOH provides a single platform for buying and selling digital ad spaces, making it easier for media owners and advertisers to connect.

The adoption of Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) has been growing in Malaysia. Several companies have launched pDOOH operations in the country, indicating an increasing interest in this advertising technology. 


Quick Fact!

The growth of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising in Malaysia has been significant where Statista predicted that the market is projected to grow by 9.22% between 2023 and 2028 and most probably would reach a market volume of US$129.80 million (RM 605.58 million) by 2028. As of 2022, there were 2,970 pDOOH screens available in Malaysia and a potential monthly reach is 13.5 million USD (RM 62.98 million) and 399 million USD (RM 186.15 billion) of potential views or impressions. This shows that the demand for pDOOH is increasing in Malaysia.


Let’s take a look at this successful pDOOH campaign in Malaysia.


For instance,  Hivestack launched pDOOH marketplaces in 2022 with the partnership of GroupM. Hivestack stated that they believe with programmatic DOOH available in the market, marketers and business owners are able to utilise data-driven targeting precision, agile buying models, and unprecedented audience measurement capabilities to drive further growth for their businesses.

Vista Media

We also have another well-known media company in the billboard advertisement industry that launched pDOOH which is Vistar Media. They have collaborated with Big Tree to integrate premium digital screens into its pDOOH network and to expand DOOH inventory in Malaysia. 


PepsiCo’s agency, Publicis Media engaged with The Trade Desk to boost their brand by using pDOOH. They went pDOOH not only to show how creative and effective their marketing campaign is but to increase awareness of Tropicana’s Twister beverage and make a statement in Malaysia’s competitive non-alcoholic beverage market. 

This pDOOH technology has also been discussed in mainstream media conferences, such as the 16th Malaysian Media Conference, which featured a discussion on "Programmatic DOOH Stepping into the Mainstream".



In conclusion, programmatic DOOH is practical in Malaysia, with several companies and agencies adopting and promoting this technology. The benefits of pDOOH, such as location-based advertising, flexibility, and a single online platform for buying and selling ad spaces, make it an attractive option for advertisers and media owners alike.


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Imaga Credits: Hivestack, Vista Media, the Trade Desk

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