OOH Advertising Locations: Places You Can Advertise At in Malaysia

ooh advertising location malaysia

Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising has been a great way to reach a mass audience and raise awareness for various businesses. With so many brands competing with their ad designs and messages, some ads with no fancy look managed to stand out because they are placed at a suitable location. An effective OOH campaign depends greatly on its location. Here are some locations in Malaysia that you can consider to place your next OOH ad.


highway advertising

Photo courtesy of Laguna

A common location. Advertising along highways is nothing new but it will never get old. This is because highway advertising is a powerful way to increase brand exposure to a large audience. The common types of OOH media that we see on highways are traditional or digital billboards, gantry and overhead bridges. These media sites are made in the biggest form possible to ensure visibility to the audience. Connecting the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and Klang, Selangor, the Federal Highway is the busiest highway in Malaysia. This is a great place to advertise because of its heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. 

Busy roads

outdoor advertising Malaysia

Photo courtesy of DBKL

Advertisers usually target busy roads to boost ad views. The advantage of advertising on a busy road is that it can target not only drivers but also pedestrians. One of the busiest roads in Malaysia is the Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Ismail crossroad at Bukit Bintang. With the newly introduced pedestrian scramble by DBKL, which is said to resemble the famous Shibuya Crossing in Japan, this road may be the next hot spot filled with pedestrians waiting to cross the road. You may want to take advantage of the dwell time to advertise your brand to such a large audience there. 


Mall advertising

Indoor advertising plays a big part in OOH advertising. People can usually spot ads all over shopping malls like Pavilion KL, or even groceries stores like Aeon Mall. Going into the car park, you will see boom gate advertising and pillar wraps; Stepping into the mall, you will see banners, digital signage and escalator advertising. Try to walk through the experience in your head and you will realize the significance of advertising in malls. As in-mall advertising is closer to the audience, it strengthens the connection and boosts the impact on them. An audience with a buyer’s mindset is also easier to persuade, this is an advantage that advertisers would not want to miss.

Office buildings

office building advertising

Office buildings are where workers go to on weekdays. Similar to in-mall advertising, escalators, lift doors, car parks, pillars and walls are becoming mediums for brands to advertise indoor. Advertisers who target working adults or office workers may consider this place because this is where your audience is gathered. 

Transit stations

transit station advertising

Photo courtesy of Hotel Sentral Kuala Lumpur

The transit station never sleeps until midnight, unless it is MCO. Transit stations including train and bus stations are usually the busiest place crowded with people commuting back and ford every day. This makes it a great place to reach a large audience with different demographics. One of the most prominent stations in Malaysia is the Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral), the largest transit hub in the country. This is a place you can count on for brand recognition as people of all walks of life including international audiences are likely to step foot on this station. 

Be at where your target audience is:

An ideal location depends greatly on where your target audience visits the most. Outdoor advertising is now everywhere but you will only want your ads to be somewhere reachable to your audience. 

Spot where you want to place your ads?

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