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The Father of Advertising

05/11/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A biographical piece on the life of David Ogilvy.

Types of Advertising Appeals

30/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A brief explanation of the various advertising appeals used by advertisers.

Digital Marketing Channels with the Best ROI

30/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A list of the best digital marketing channels for a business to employ.

Strategies to improve customer experience in the new normal

20/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

Strategies designed for businesses to handle customer experiences in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Influencing Consumer Behaviour

16/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

Prinicples behind how marketers can persuade and influence consumers

The Importance of Digital Signage

09/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

The significance of digital signange and its uses in the modern era

OOH Advertising and the 'New Normal'

09/10/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

The condition of OOH advertising during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Common OOH Advertising Mistakes

29/09/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A guide on how to avoid some common OOH mistakes.

Location Data and How It Can Impact Business

29/09/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

An explanation of how location data its changing how brands conduct business