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Guide to Plan an OOH Campaign

01/07/2021 by Florence Siaw

A simple guide to plan an OOH campaign to ensure its effectiveness.

Get Ready for Post-Pandemic OOH Advertising

29/06/2021 by Florence Siaw

An explanation on why post-pandemic is the best time for OOH advertising.

Types of Indoor Advertising

24/06/2021 by Florence Siaw

An introduction to indoor or in-mall advertising.

Traditional vs Digital Billboard

24/06/2021 by Florence Siaw

A comparison of traditional and digital billboard to help advertisers find out which suits their business better.

4 Unique Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

17/06/2021 by Florence Siaw

An introduction to unique outdoor or Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising found in Malaysia.

7 Common Types of Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

10/06/2021 by Florence Siaw

An introduction to outdoor or Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising in Malaysia.

Getting the Right Typography for Your Billboard Advertisements

26/11/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A few tips on landing the right typeface for your billboards.

Train Media Advertising and What It Has to Offer

20/11/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A short guide on the benefits of Train Media Advertising.

Benefits of Advertising in Shopping Malls

19/11/2020 by Ahmed Saif Ali

A brief guide on why in-mall advertising is so effective